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COAST is a self-driving mobility company with “best-in-class” software focused on providing Autonomous Vehicle (AV) solutions in low-speed environments (campuses, cities, airports, etc.). COAST is not a vehicle manufacturer, but instead partners with proven manufacturers. As a result of these partnerships, COAST is able to put 100% of its focus on three critically important areas of AV product development:


Safety First

COAST AV’s will always stop. Rather than having to distinguish between obstacles before stopping, COAST AV’s, with mandatory built in redundancies, will stop first and then determine if it is safe to continue.


Passenger Experience

COAST AV technology ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Proprietary fleet management algorithms reduce wait times.


Low Speed

A large proportion of todays transportation market is low speed: the majority of trips in city centers and on private sites move at less than 20mph. Low speed AVs are safer, require less sensors and for short trips, provide a faster service. Focusing on low speed allows COAST to offer cost-effective mobility solutions today.

COAST Autonomous Vehicle Solutions

COAST leverages a portfolio of proprietary “best-in-class” technologies to offer a variety of self-driving, low speed vehicles that are efficient, cost-effective and safe.

Downtown • Airport • Theme Park • Campus • Moving Goods

COAST P-1 Shuttle

Giving City Centers Backto Pedestrians.

Our COAST P-1 Shuttle is designed to operate safely on pedestrian streets, in low-speed mixed traffic and high-speed dedicated lanes. Called from a smart phone app, this on-demand shuttle can help cities improve the urban environment by expanding pedestrian areas.

COAST AV Golf Cart?

Improving Mobility and Parkingon Campuses and Theme Parks.

Our AV Golf Cart converted by COAST is ideal to provide a 24/7 on demand mobility system for university campuses, business parks, medical campuses, theme parks, resorts, airports, etc.


Solving Logistics Bottlenecksfor On-Demand Mobility Systems.

Our COAST AV Flat Bed is an efficient and cost-effective way to provide a 24/7 on demand mobility system to move goods. Ideal for airport cargo, baggage handling, campus and city center deliveries.

State-of-the-Art Technology

COAST’s fully integrated autonomous systems are designed for on-demand mobility services and optimized for the user experience.

An Actual 3D Coast Map of Downtown Tampa

Coast AV P-1 Shuttle at Test Track

Mapping & Localization

COAST uses best in class mapping solutions for autonomous navigation, allowing an AV to localize (know where it is) either outdoors or indoors and to optimize the user experience. COAST Autonomous performs mobile mapping using vehicle, trolley and backpack mobile mapping machines that create exhaustive and accurate 3D baseline maps in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

COAST develops best in class, fully integrated autonomous software with multiple layers of redundancy. Robotic software controls the vehicle (acceleration, braking and steering) and AI determines the vehicles behavior and decision making (obstacle avoidance, optimum route, etc)

Fleet Management & Supervision

COAST’s Fleet Management positions vehicles close to where they are needed, reducing wait times and fleet sizes. COAST’s Supervision system always has a “human in the loop” to monitor AV fleets and ensure safety.

60 trials in 7 different countries

Since 2012, members of the COAST team have successfully run over 60 trials in 7 different countries and safely transported over 120,000 passengers.

Unrivaled Experience and Expertise

COAST Autonomous Executive Management Team
Adrian Sussmann

Adrian Sussmann

Managing Director
Seasoned business and management executive. Civil Engineering BSc, KPMG Chartered Accountant and 18 years as an agent for some of the world’s top professional race car drivers.
David M. Hickey

David M. Hickey

Managing Director
20+ years at the crossroads of business, law and technology. Leverages technology to design and implement process-based solutions to create efficiencies and reduce both systematic and a-systematic risks.
Mary Jane

Pierre Lefevre

Chief Technology Officer
AV visionary and thought leader. Developing connected car, fleet management and AV technology since 1995. Inventor of the Low Speed Self Driving Shuttle in 2010. First to certify and commercialize low speed AVs.
Nix Maxwell

Dr. Cyril Royere

Robotics Chief
Developing robotics solutions since 1998. Programmed the first Low Speed Self Driving Shuttle ready for commercialization.
Nix Maxwell

Dr. Jerome Ninot

Mapping Chief
PhD in image processing. Best-in-class mobile mapping and localization systems for AVs.
Nix Maxwell

Graham Eisner

Head of Sales
Coaches executives on effective sales strategies and techniques. Worked for ten years at Goldman Sachs (1991-2000) in London and was responsible for bringing in new clients.

Industry Visionaries and Thought Leaders

COAST Autonomous' Advisory Board
John Doe

Dr. Marco Pavone

Stanford University Professor
Dr. Pavone is a leading expert in robot autonomy. He is an Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and the Director of Stanford’s Autonomous Systems Laboratory (ASL). He will help advise Coast on fleet management.
Josh Thompson

Dario Franchitti

3-Time Indianapolis 500 Winner
Champion driver and expert in road safety. Dario will help Coast’s engineers understand all aspects of safe driving, including anticipation, analysis of vehicle trajectories, behavior of other road users, etc.
Mary Jane

Rick Baker

Former Mayor of St. Petersburg
Mayor Baker is a visionary leader responsible for the renaissance of Florida’s 4th largest city. He understands city government and knows how to get remarkable things done. In 2011, the Daily Beast named him “America’s greatest mayor of the decade.”

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